Lorna Syson Plant Pot - Goldcrest

Lorna Syson Plant Pot - Goldcrest

from 19.50


The fabric is digitally printed in Lancashire on 100% Cotton and handmade into plant pots in Norfolk.

Water resistant PU canvas lining makes it a perfect plant pot cover. We recommend removing the plant when watering to let any excess water drain away before replacing. You can also keep a small dish in the bottom of the pot to collect the excess water.

Small 13cm diameter and 14cm high: £19.50

Medium 18cm diameter and 20cm high: £29.50

Random cut fabric – please note that design may vary from image shown.

Not suitable for outdoor use.


  • Bird pots featuring grey and beige goldcrest design

  • Water resistant PU canvas lining makes it a perfect plant pot cover

  • Great for kitchen herbs

  • Perfect gift for indoor plant lovers

These water resistant, foldable fabric plant and storage pots are a great way to bring some colour into your homes. Either in the kitchen filled with scented rosemary, sage, basil and mint or along the window sill with indoor plants. Also great for pen pots, storage pots and making your workspace tidy!

Inspired by the chirp of tiny birds dancing delicately between the needles of pine trees, this soft print exudes a dainty grace.

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